My name is Amy Woodside. This is my 11th year to teach music to the little ones here at CES. Altogether, I've been teaching just over 20 years! I am married to Glen Woodside and we have two grown children. My daughter Macy is married and lives in Spearman with her husband, Blayne, and my favorite grandson, Graham. My son Marcus is currently attending OSUIT in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Life is good!

I'd like to share a couple of quotes that reflect my philosophy of teaching music and how I feel about music, in general. Both are by Zoltan Kodaly whose passion in life was teaching music to young children.

"Teach music and sing at school in such a way that it is not torture, but a joy for the pupil; instill a thirst for fine music in him (or her); a thirst that will last a lifetime.  Often, a single experience will open the young soul to music for a whole lifetime.  This experience cannot be left to chance.  It is the duty of the school to provide it."

"Music is nourishment, and a comforting elixir. 
Music multiplies the beauty of life and its values."

It is my passion and my calling to teach music to your children! Thank you for sharing them with me!

Mrs. Woodside

CES Music



*Parents, feel free to come by and visit me anytime.  My conference period is 8:00-9:00 daily.  Just call ahead and make sure I’m going to be here!