CES Principal

Ms. Reagan Oles
Hello My Name Is...

             Reagan Oles, Principal

Welcome to Canadian Elementary School. The staff and I are so happy that you are here. CES serves pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade. We believe in Excellence: Every Child. Every Day.

BELOW I've included several pieces of useful information. Please don't hesitate to call the school at 323-9331 with any questions you might have. You can also contact me through email at reagan.oles@canadianisd.net.

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Arrival Time and Release Time:
School begins at 7:55 AM with the tardy bell ringing at 8:00 AM. It is super important that your child is on time to school. Breakfast is served beginning at 7:30 AM. When dropping your child off, be mindful that if you are walking your child in you must park in the parking lot and not in the drop off zones.

School releases at:
PreK PM- 3:15 from the cafeteria entrance
Kinder & 1st - 3:20 from the front of the school
2nd- 3:25 from the cafeteria entrance

The safety of our students is so important to the staff when releasing after school. Be on the lookout for kids at all times.

LUNCH TIMES:                                   RECESS TIMES:                                            

PreK AM: 11:00-11:25                         
PreK PM: 11:55-12:20
Kinder: 11:15-11:45                               11:45-12:15
1st: 11:25-11:55                                     11:55-12:25
2nd: 11:45-12:15                                    12:15-12:45

PREK            9:00-9:25 & 1:25-1:50
KINDER        1:50-2:50
FIRST           9:30-10:30
SECOND    10:40-11:40
COACH BRYANT             8:00-9:00
MRS. WOODSIDE           8:00-9:00
MRS. LUSK                    11:15-11:45 & 1:30-2:00
MRS. NORTHCOTT         9:15-9:45 & 10:30-11:00