Something About Me!

Something About Me!


          I grew up in Portland, Texas, a small community on the Gulf Coast.  I was blessed with a wonderfully ordinary family and many of my early memories were about reading.  I watched my parents read and more important, they read to me.  As a result, libraries were an important part of our lives.


          When I was young, my friend Mary Lea and I would get together on Saturday mornings and “go to the library.”  This meant we would walk across town by way of the local pharmacy that had a soda shop upstairs.  We usually had enough money to each buy a coke, but if we were lucky, one of us had enough money to splurge on some fries!  After recovering from our hot walk across town, we would then enter the library, check out a book, and then head home.  Our librarian was wonderful.  She always had recommendations for us, and she never seemed to mind two giggle-heads in her domain.


But the most exciting Saturday mornings were the ones when my dad would take me to La Retama library in Corpus Christi.  To me it was magic.  The outing itself was special because I was with my dad.  But entering this huge building with large windows and long staircases that seemed to go up forever and being surrounded by books and people who were looking for books was fascinating to this small town girl.  And then best of all, my dad would lead me to the children or youth section of the library, and I was allowed to pick out as many books as I could carry.  Dad would always pick out a murder mystery or two, and travel books about places he had served in during the Army, or places he dreamed of seeing.  Together we would struggle out the door with our cache, and Mother would always roll her eyes when we returned home with our treasures.  She knew we would both be useless as we eagerly went through each of our selections, trying to decide which one we would read first. 


I graduated from Texas A&M University, College Station with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a teaching field in Mathematics.  But I knew I wanted to be a librarian, so I enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin and completed my Masters of Library and Information Science with a specialization in school libraries.  Since moving to Canadian, Texas I have served as the Vice-Chair and Chair of District 2 of the Texas Library Association (the Panhandle district).   I have also served as the Chair of the Bylaws Committee of the Children’s Round Table of the Texas Library Association.  I’ve been a teacher or librarian for many years in both private (3 years) and public schools (27 years) and I LOVE it!


Every day, I try to learn something new and share my excitement for learning with others.  Learning keeps us growing!  I look forward to growing up with you and your children this school year!!!